If you are a foodie like me, Vietnam will be a great place to indulge in some awesome food. With dishes varying according to location, you will certainly won’t feel bored. Vietnamese cuisine isn’t spicy as they leave that, up to you, setting chilli sauce aside for your own administration. Rather, it contains lots of fresh herbs. Although the ingredients might be simple the blend of flavours makes it delightful.

So here are my top 8 dishes that you should try in Vietnam.


Pho is the most famous Vietnamese dish and it has many varieties depending in which city you are. Pho is a rice noddle soup with meat which can be pork or beef, mixed with fresh herbs. Primarly eat at breakfast but it can be consumed any time of the day.

Bun Cha

Typically from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, this is also a noodle but different from Pho, the pork is barbecued on an open chacoal brezier. The rice noodle and herbs are set aside so you can mixed them whith the pork into the sauce given. The most famous Bun Cha of Hanoi is the one named Hàng Mành, they serve as a side dish some spring rolls which complements the rich flavour of this dish.

Cao Lau

The best place to have this dish is in Hoi An, you probably already noticed, Vietnamese cuisine use a lot of pork, so no different, this meal is composed by – a thick rice-flour noodle with a light soup flavored with mint and star anise alongside bean sprouts, thin slices of pork topped with pork-rind croutons. I bet you had something like that before. Just mouthwatering!

Bah Minh

Probably your favorite lunch meal, Bah Minh is a baguette sandwich filled with meat, omelette, paté and a bunch of greens. It was fullfiling, super tasty and best of all, inexpensive!

Goi Cuon

The well known spring rolls, the typical Goi Cuon will have some greens, coriander and can include meat such as pork, shrimp or chicken. This was a typical snack for us.

Bun Bo

Or Bun Tron Nam bo, the name can vary according with the meat used, here we had some fry pork with rice noddles, fresh herbs and crushed peanuts sprinkled on top. Very fresh and satisfy dish.

Banh Loc & Banh Nam

This was the most intriguing meal we might have ate. Typically from Hue, these dumplings made of tapioca flour served in a bed of palm leaf, are normally filled with shrimp or pork meat with chili fish sauce set aside for that extra hint of flavour. I love dumplings so this was yummy!

Mi Quang

Also another famous dish from Hoi An, Mi Quang made to my list of favorites because it contains noodles, lots of protein cover in crispy onions and salad. If you add some spices and lemon voilá! You have a hell of an appetizing meal!

Insiders Tip: Vegetarians don’t be afraid, there are plenty of options for you as well. You can order all of those dishes without the meat.

Which of those meals made your mouthwatering? Already familiar with the vietnamese cuisine? Any other dish that you recommend? Let me know in the comments.

X, Yas

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