Hi, I am Yas originally from Brazil, but guess what, I’m also Dutch, Malaysian and who knows what else?! Brazilians are a melting pot of the world therefore I believe we are not meant to stay in one place. Consequently I have been living abroad for a while. I lived in Italy and Spain for a short period of time until I decided to create roots in The Netherlands.

Living in Europe has it’s perks. Here I discovered how easy it was to travel and get in contact with other cultures and this is how my interest for traveling was born. ย I’m constantly looking to expand my horizons therefore I created this blog so I can share my experiences with you when traveling abroad. If you have difficulties in planning trips specially itineraries, you are in the right place!

Besides traveling my hobby is learning new languages, because well, I’m curious and I need to understand everyone around me, which has become quite handy when traveling hehe… I already know five languages and my goal is to learn at least 7. Furthermore I enjoy cooking, making planning list for literally everything (read trip-itineraries) because I am a neat freak and on “me time” I will take the time to dive in a good book.


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