Stockholm, the capital of the Scandinavian beauty – Sweden. Is impossible to not fall in love with it! Surrounded by the sea, the city is extremely pretty and every corner is Insta-worthy. From top class museums to parks and historical buildings – a visit to Stockholm is a perfect weekend getaway if you want to get the most of your travel days.

Although Stockholm is a city which won’t make into most backpackers list, there’s a way to explore this place without breaking the bank. For europeans looking to spend a weekend away consider Stockholm if all you are craving is some Fika time (stay with me and I will explain it in a bit!).


Start your day with? Coffee of course! So head to a coffee place for breakfast and after that, go to the City Hall Tower for beautiful views all across the city.

City Hall Swedenlandscape from city hallSweden LandscapeLandscape Sweden

As it is your first day, just take it slowly and I would suggest to explore the city by foot or bike/scooter. From the city hall move towards the Gamla Stan (old town), contemplate the beauty of this neighbourhood and stop here for Fika, Fika what you ask?

gamlagamlasgamla housesgamla staan stockholm

Fika is essentially translated as a “coffee and cake break ” but actually the meaning goes much more deeper than that.


Fika is something very important at the Swedish culture, is more than just a concept but a state of mind. The Swedes consider it fundamental to make time on the day for Fika. You can easily translated it to quality time with friends and those you love. To share a cup of coffee (or tea, mine case!) and a little something to eat (cinnamon buns hmmm).

So now that you know, you will be including Fika on every single day of your trip! Trust me it will become your favorite time of the day hihi

So after indulging in some swedes delicacies, check a free sight nearby – the Hallwylska museet, a museum which  was previously the house of the most eccentric and wealthy couple of the 18th century in Sweden. The museum displays the life collection of a live of worldwide travels and all what money could afford on that time. Their intention was to build a museum and consequently the palace was donated to the Swedish State.

Ticket Price: Free entrance

Unfortunately I missed this place but it was my intention to have seen it on this day (but we got to carried away on the Fika time). That’s enough walking so head back to your hotel and relax  those legs and prepare for dinner.

Eat at Meatball for the People

If you are like me, when you travel is not just to explore a new place but also to eat locally, this is the perfect place to go for it. Swedish traditional food includes meatballs, potato purée and a lingonberry sauce added at the top of it. It was so good that I could easily eat a full plate like this every day of this trip. Furthermore the prices here are reasonable, you will spend between 25€-30€ for two person.

Dish meatballsDish meatballs2



Café Pascal

Start the day by making your way to this cafe, which is ideal for being nearby our next sightseeing and also, by offering one of the best coffees in town (accordingly to my coffee-lover-boyfriend).


Stockholm Public Library

I am a huge reader and fan of books, so visiting this place was on top of my priorities for this trip, and it didn’t dissapointed at all! Even if you aren’t friends of books the architecture of this library will leave you in awe.


Bruno’s Kvar Snack Bar

This would be where we would head for our lunch break every single day of this trip. After strolling around the city we would satisfied our tummies by ordering this typical Swedish sausage wrapped on a french bread with sauerkraut. There are plenty of options but we went for the traditional one and the sausage filled with cheese. Simple yet tasty an inexpensive! What’s a better combo than that?!

Prices: SEK 65.00 – 75.00 or €6- €8

lunch sauasage and bread


Fika Time

And yes here we are again, enjoying Fika! For this time we went back to Norrmalm neighbourhood, which is where our hotel is located and we ordered a coffee, some Semla (a cardamon-spiced wheat bun filled with a mix of milk and almond paste topped with whipped cream), and obviously cinnamon buns before calling it a day.



Dine at Flipping’s Burger

My boyfriend was really feeling like eating a hamburger, luckily this is also an affordable option in Stockholm. We chose the flipping’s burger and although  the burgers look small they absolutely filled us up and it was beyond yummy!

Prices: SEK 102 – 145 or €10 – €15

flipping burgers


The museum day! After getting familiar with the city and having take it easy the previous days, this is the day where we will hit the best museums to visit on your first trip to Stockholm.

The Royal Palace -Kungliga Slotten

The official residence of the Sweden monarchy, where most of the monarchy’s official receptions are held, is also open to the public year round with a fee. You can purchase the ticket at the entrance, there’s no need to buy ahead and you can either choose between a normal ticket or pay a little bit extra to see as well the royal apartments.

Ticket price: SEK140.00 or €13 per person

royalproyal palace2royal palaceIMG_1189

Vasa Museum

If you are more an easy-pase traveler and can’t make to both museums, choose this one to go to.

Vasa is a ship that sank on its first trip in 1628 and since then, is  laying at the bottom of Stockholm harbour for over 300 years when it finally was brought to surface again. The cold water temperatures of the Nordic sea kept the ship in good state and nowadays we can see it’s magnificence. Definitely worth the visit, we spent easy 2 hours here.

Ticket price: SEK 170.00 or €16 per person

vasa museum
The original colours of Vasa ship back in the day

Furthermore, Vasa is the largest wooden ship ever raised and conserved. The ship is 95% original and it was a beauty at her time, needles to say beauty is not everything…

Fotografiska Museum

Of course you can see this museum as well, we weren’t that interested for this first time trip, but I heard that their restaurant offers affordable and good food including a splendid view of Stockholm’s landscape. You can either come for food or just for drinks – which we try to do due the view but when we went they were already closed. Oh well, another reason to return to Stockholm 🙂


Dine at Blå dörren Restaurant (Blue door Restaurant)

After some appetisers at Fotografiska, across the street you can have again a Swedish Cuisine experience by eating at this traditional restaurant. Don’t look literally for a blue door because you won’t find it. By government reasons, when the building was restored they weren’t allowed to paint the door blue anymore therefore is just a cosy grandma-house looking restaurant without the blue door but – with yummy Swedish meatballs and salmon.

Main dish price: SEK 140 – 195 or €15 – €20 


Subway Art

You taught you were done for the day? Not yet! I left this sight at the end because this is the best time to explore the subway without it being too crowded – other times will be during the day when people are working, but when we went it was a Sunday therefore the best to do is: or early on the day or later.

In this case it was around 10PM, maybe smarter to do it earlier as we couldn’t see all the stations we planned to. At this time of the night the train ride just every 15-20 minutes. But I covered the most famous ones, so I feel like I can cross this out of sights checked on this trip.

Ticket price: SEK 20 or €1,90


subway artimg_6996img_6991img_1232subway stockholm


And this was our weekend in Stockholm, I really enjoyed visiting this city and got surprised by their cuisine which was also very satisfying. Although not the best option for budget travellers, we still made it on our budget without sacrificing the good trip. Hope you enjoy this post!



X, Yas.





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