You wonder which type of a traveller am I? Low-budget, mid-range or a fancy one? I never like categories and sure I don’t fit in any of those either. My thing is always try to do something new, therefore a little bit of everything will be the answer.

Over the past few years me and my boyfriend established a travel routine of starting with low budgets accommodations an then build it up till the “splurge” one because after some time travelling, all we want is to feel comfortable and stress-free. Also, we like to combine our trip in a cultural and relaxing vacation so, on the relaxation time, a fancy hotel comes in hand.

The one night splurge

Some places are recognizable by famous pictures of fancy hotels and we all think of the day that we will be able to afford this type of vacation. But why wait? One of our biggest tricks is something that most people don’t realise, you don’t need to book one hotel for the whole trip. There’s always the option to book just one or two nights in a fancy hotel, have the experience and then move on to another more affordable hotel or hostel.

When we decide to give ourself a luxury experience we reserve that day just for the hotel. We don’t schedule anything so we can profit the most of our money there spent. We are all about the law of compensation, if we do this, of course, the next accommodations will be more low budget. So there you go, everyone can enjoy a 5-star hotel, as long as you plan it good with your finances and accept that you have to choose a couple of cheaper options.



Keep in mind

Although I like to say we stayed in low-budget hotels I still prioritise the comfort and value of money. Location is also very important in our list of demands. So our basic criterias for booking a hotel are:

  • Location
  • Private room with bathroom
  • Price difference


It is pointless to get cheaper accommodation and still spend extra on transport because you realised the hotel location is actually far from the main sights you planned to see. Therefore, when you book a hotel always check the location first if it is walkable to the attractions you want to check and if not, public transport could be an option.

Our priority is always as close as possible to more than 2 attractions in walking distance as we don’t mind walking around, we barely use transport in our trips except in Asia where there are Tuk-tuks available 24/7 and it is inexpensive as much as fun!

Keep in mind walking distance differs between people an not everybody is as fit as they would like to. Walking 20 km a day in Sweden is a whole different story than walking 5 km in Malaysia. So be honest to yourself en plan with this in mind.

Private room and bathroom

As a couple, we still want our privacy specially because we are on vacation so this is very important to us. Luckily, nowadays you can get a double room with private bathroom easily on hostels, thus there is no excuse to not do it low cost. There are plenty of inexpensive, cute and very clean hostels around there, especially in Asia, the advantage of a hostel is that most of the time they are owned by a local who puts more heart an soul into the accommodation then the big brand hotel chains.

All the hostels we booked were super spacious and clean that it felt more like a mid-range hotel in Europe but better because of all the extra space we would get.



Sometimes it can happen, specially in Asia, that the price between a double-bedroom in a hostel is close to the price of a well-known mid-range hotel. For this reason is good to set your priorities straight. Once again, location location location (ok that’s 3 but whatever)! Compare the location and the most nearby the places you intend to visit, becomes the winner.

Advantage of staying at Hostels

We really enjoy staying in hostels for 3 reasons: price, value and the chance of meeting new interesting people.

The advantage here is that there is a big chance you all are planning to see the same stuff therefore if opportunity arises, you can share in transportation costs and maybe even team up with others to multiply the experience of discovering new places an share plans.

So there you go my tips when booking hotels, do you already use these tips?ย What are the criteria you use for booking a hotel? Let me know in the comments bellow.


X, Yas

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