I miss traveling for several reasons – getting in touch with a new culture, trying different food an wandering around, but what I miss specially is to spend some quality time with my love and as leaving the country is not an option at the moment, I decided to explore inwards.

With the pandemic restricting us to travel, the solution was to look around us and enjoy what our own country has to offer. Therefore on my research for relaxation places and quality time with my beloved one, I came around some options for those, who like me, need to change a little bit of scenario (without breaking the lockdown rules). From a spa-day to a princess day, I’m sure you will find something between of your liking.

Kasteel Bloemendal, Vaals

Have you ever sleep in a castle before? This hotel used to be one, build in the 1791 passing to different hands until 1978 – when the last owner passed the castle to the municipality of Vaals and in 1990, with the collaboration of the Hotel chain Van der Valk, it became a hotel with very well decorated rooms and well preserved ambiance.

The castle ambiance is very suitable for a relaxing time with each other and the nature of the hilly countryside around it, looks magnificent throughout each season. Also, there’s a touristic attraction nearby that can be check – the 3 territories mark (Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany) where the 3 countries borders meet.

Besides that, if you enjoy walking, hiking, playing golf, biking as well wellness and beauty & health, the Hotel Castle Bloemendal is a perfect operating base!

Intel Hotels Utrecht

This hotel chain is available in different regions in the Netherlands, but to celebrate New’s Year with style (2020 mood) we opted for this one in Utrecht as it offers a nice view of the city and you’ll have your own private spa, ideal on pandemic times.

You can choose from a room with a bathtub, a sauna or both! The rooms are modern and colourful and the focus is always on the relaxation element that the room has to offer. We chose for the bathtub room and we couldn’t had been happier with this choice.

Insiders tip: Don’t forget to bring your own bath soap products.

De Chantarel – Van der Walk Apeldoorn

Located nearby the Veluwe forest, this hotel has it all! Style, wellness and romantic vibe for the two of you!

If you want more than just staying in your room, this hotel has a swimming pool an sauna and if you need some fresh air you will be at the right spot being next to the biggest green area of the Netherlands.

Stay Okay Apeldoorn

Now if that was not enough being near the forest, this hotel will make you satisfied as it’s located in the middle of it, plus point for also being eco-friendly as it’s made out of carbon paper not to mention the design, stunning!

Euromast 010

This luxurious hotel will offer you the best view of the city of Rotterdam – located at a height of 100 meters above, you can easily see the city and its harbour.

The changes of the day, from sunset to sunrise also promise to be a wonderful experience. Besides the spectacular views, the suites features a bathtub or a walk in shower, if all what you wish for is a change of scenario, this is definitely a unique spot.

Which of these options you got more interest to book in for your next staycation? Let me know in the comments bellow.


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